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The Skivri are an arachnoid Race who dwell within the vast and dark catacombs of their home planet, Kevo. They have two arms and four legs, in addition to two semi-vestigial “arms” that secrete a poison. They have several eyes that can perform different purposes such as dark or light vision but they also are keen at detecting forces unseen by any other Race.

The Skivri are a highly ordered and calculated regime of hives, which once worked primarily to create Knoits via the stealing of raw materials from other planets. Much of the Skivri proper use the arts of propaganda and veiled coercion to get their agents to perform the needed work of traversing the Galaxy. They are the only Race truly created for thievery.

Every room deserves to be special. These supreme quality print posters in various sizes serve as statement pieces, creating a personalized environment.

.: 175 gsm fine art paper
.: Multiple sizes
.: Matte finisg
.: For indoor use

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