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The Big Bang was not merely a random event, but the inception of a Fiery God and a Dark Goddess. Wars of divinity between the pantheons of Light, Dark, and Grey tore the galaxy apart. After an age of evolution, grand space empires of Alien Races carve up the stars and mysterious powers remain hidden among forgotten worlds. Fantastic cities, and strange planets all await stalwart adventurers. Vying for love, power, and wealth, these mortals live to this day under the watchful gaze of suspicious Deities.

This Core Rulebook contains everything a player needs to create, explore, fight, and grow in this galaxy of superpowers, myth, and danger. Featuring a unique game system and an unfettered setting, Opilan: Destiny Rising explores the limits of imagination from cyberpunk cities to remote fantasy worlds. This book also features a sneak peek of the ODR Narrator’s Guide as well as a short tutorial issue to begin. Grab as many six-sided dice as you can and seize your destiny!

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