The Bolmorreans are a Race of large four-armed elephant-like creatures from the planet Bolma. The Bolmorreans have refined their culture and society into a war faring peoples and have thus gained a vast sector of the known universe. To face a Bolmorrean is to face an unyielding warrior that few can match in Strength and fury.

True Bolmorreans relish the opportunity to give their lives in battle for the name of their God Bolmorro and for their Emperor. Each planet of their empire operates for the sole purpose of propelling the war machine be it a military hub for training, an industrial world providing weapons and ships, or worlds made for the propagation and the raising of new generations of warriors. They trade and are closely allied to the Pyra Republic, Stett, and Ventoshi according to the ancient alliances of their Gods, but they are fiercely hostile towards the “dark” powers of the universe primarily the Skivri and their allies.

Yet not all Bolmorreans follow the one true path of their predecessors. Across the Galaxy are the fallen Bolmorreans who have turned from the service of the God of Bright Combat and taken power into their own hands. Shunned from the Bolmorrean worlds, they have their tusks cut off and cannot return to the fold without a great show of redemption.

Bolmorrean technology on its own is rudimentary and favors brute force. They use little if any electronics and hardly ever rely on weapons. They focus instead on allowing their bodies to be weapons themselves. Most prefer to watch the eyes of their enemy and inhale their last breath as they die.