The Ventoshi of Venatosh are a Race of humanoid jackal creatures who grew from a jungle world of great beasts and trials. They have the elongated ears, legs, and canine facial features. They have paws for feet and also very dexterous hands, and perceptive senses. Above all else, they have the ability to detect and dispatch their quarry with deftness and agility rather than Strength, which they lack. As trueborn hunters, they think objectively, avoiding the minutia of details and philosophy in their actions, preferring to get to the heart of the matter at hand and solve problems with the Skills and utilities available.

The Ventoshi are spread throughout the universe as rangers. Some follow the order of their planet, an effort to root out the dark forces of Skivrend, see past illusion, and dispatch those who oppose them. Others live as guns, swords or bows for hire, using their innate agility to best their opposition. Because their society does not focus on an economics, the idea of mercantile trade is secondary to the training and outfitting their force of rangers to search the Galaxy.

What is valued among them are tales of great cunning and getting the better of the hunted. Their main motivation to them is renown, to be known through time as a great hunter and specialist.

Their planet is underdeveloped as compared to most of the other Races of the universe. It is made up of vast canyonlands with great forests, jungles, and deserts pockmarked with caves. Those Races more concerned with prestige tend to look down on them and thereby underestimate their abilities.