The Pyra are a draconian lizard Race who hail from the binary planetary system around the Opilan Star. The system is made up of Fulgar, the city planet and Ignis the fire planet. They can have a variety of features such as spines, tails, and vestigial wings.

Pyra from Ignis have red scales and come from the planet of fire, magma, and molten rock. On the planet, they inhabit small landmasses that are made of solid stone. They refer to the great swathes of lava between these landmasses as their seas where they hunt the various monsters that live under the surface for food. In the many years since the disappearance of the Gods, they have focused on building great cities and travel between star systems using ships that utilize combustion engines.

Pyra from Fulgar tend to have blue or white scales. Their planet is covered in a large city that facilitates the administrative needs of the Pyra Republic. Fulgar is also the seat of power for their Emperor Priest, said to channel the will of their Deity Roitaven. The Pyra republic holds a vast sector of space along with the client Kingdoms of the Stetti and Ventoshi. They are closely allied to the Bolmorreans and will often go to battle with them.

Many see the Pyra as a prideful people, fighting without armor and feel entitled to be leaders. They are devout to the side of light, adhering to hierarchical systems. Small sects and orders under the Pyra form into groups, which secretly root out and kill any dark-siders as an inquisition. However, this is not as militarized as the Bolmorreans might like.