The Mirrani of Mirraa are a three-eyed feline Race. The Mirrani are seldom found beyond their home planet but when they are, they assume roles as advisors or spies. Their innate Telepathic powers afford them a higher degree of insight into business and political dealings making them invaluable for merchants and politicians. They often do not show their true appearance in public, tending to wear large hoods or masks to dissuade others from knowing that they are under the gaze of a Mirrani. To them, secrets and information are a passion. Their utilization of what they gain is up to them, as the power of a few words can alter the trajectory of entire worlds.

Mirraa is an ever-shifting desert of black sand and black rock mountains. The vast desert is home to sparse psychoactive plants that have telepathic abilities. They live in small-secluded villages that are dominated by shrines and temples to their Goddess Mixaq. Their society is more akin to a variety of cults and hierarchical ecclesiastical alliances, which all worship the power of information and secrets. Those at the top are said to be all-knowing Demi-Gods while the lowest on the totem pole must ever attempt to seek out new secrets via trials or deception. Above all else, the Mirrani value the collection and protection of secrets. Within their labyrinthine temples and cities, only the “close” Mirrani share true knowledge to each other.

Beyond their home world, the Mirrani are not believed to be a Player in galactic politics, and most do not even know of their existence, but rest assured the Mirrani control more than any King could ever hope to hold, all from behind the figureheads of power.