Humans hail from the planets Earth and Mars in the central sector and on first sight do not appear to have any distinguishing aptitude for anything extraordinary. Unlike the other Races of the universe, they can only rely on their innate adaptability and perception to survive where others may be able to shoot fire or read minds. Humans above all other Races have a predilection to gain diverse skills rather than be born into one set skill.

The Human home world of Terra, known colloquially as Earth, culminates many species made up of refugees and destitute aliens. Most of the planet is a radiation ridden death world overrun by mutated creatures and vicious gangs, however small pockets of civilization exist as city-states called Citadels. Xenophobic military dictators who hate both metahumans and aliens run most of these Citadels, but some of the larger and more secure Citadels welcome all and even have modest spaceports and access to higher education.

The colony of New Byzantium on terraformed Mars retains the once pinnacle of human society, but humanity’s desire to gain wealth puts them in a direct rivalry with the Fubari Trade Union making Mars a hub for black market goods.