The Fubari, sometimes known derogatorily as the Foolnoolians (or Fools), are by far the most widespread Race in the Galaxy. They often take the role of merchants and craftspeople. Above all things, they desire prestige in their work and the pleasures of decadence. Frugal and pragmatic, they will weigh the risks and rewards of any situation. They often have an inquisitive nature and ever turning minds necessary to bring themselves up the ladder to greater respect.


Originally, from the planet Fubar, this is a world of crafting and mercantile success, the hub of most trade in the Galaxy. Rather than relying on force or deception to gain such meaningless things as borders, the Fubari Trade Union controls a vast network of trade routes that ship their premium wares throughout the Galaxy in return for vast wealth. The FTU determines what products are considered contraband or black market. Their technology is the best in the Galaxy and utilized by nearly every major space force or empire in some capacity or another.

Although most Fubari would never consider the shame of an illegitimate livelihood, those who do work within the underworld value respect and principal above all else which makes them very dangerous if insulted.