The Dormant are a Race of hulking rock people who live off certain minerals. They take on a variety of appearances from humanoid to odd collections of gravel and boulder.

Sometimes known as the stone people, they have relatively stayed out of most Galactic affairs preferring to keep to themselves; most live on their home planet of Dernock in the Central Sector. It is a barren and hard land of mountains and chasms. Honeycombed with great mines and cities, the under-world is sealed to most outsiders where they work wonders in natural ore and metal crafts.

When the Dormant do inhabit other worlds with other Races, they most commonly assume Rolls of miners and benders of rock in exchange for refined oils they see as a luxury food rather than the slag of common Dormant.

Dormant usually enjoy gambling, and sports with feats of great Endurance. Currency often holds no value to them except at an arbitrary unit to use for gambling.

The Stone peoples do not have the same repertory needs as most other Races and can breathe underwater or in the vastness of space.