There are many Races in the Opilan Galaxy, each one hails from a particular home world. Through intergalactic trade and colonization, these Races have spread throughout the various sectors of the Galaxy. All but Humans have a God associated with their creation.


The Bolmorreans are a Race of large four-armed elephant-like creatures from the planet Bolma. The Bolmorreans have refined their culture and society into a war faring peoples and have thus gained a vast sector of the known universe. To face a Bolmorrean is to face an unyielding warrior that few can match in Strength and fury.

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These Grey, rat-like beings seek any way to fortune profit that appears interesting and exciting in the moment. They follow their passions, often acting to do things on impulse. They assume roles of musicians, entertainers, rogues and bounty hunters. Many also have a predilection towards healers and doctors.

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The Dormant are a Race of hulking rock people who live off certain minerals. They take on a variety of appearances from humanoid to odd collections of gravel and boulder.

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Known to be the creations of Enzeek, no one is sure which planet they originated from, but there are many varieties of Enzaki who appear all over the Galaxy. Consistent throughout is their skinny yet muscular features, antlers, thin legs and hooved feet. They are remarkably fast and often take on the role of messengers by many civilizations.

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The Fubari, sometimes known derogatorily as the Foolnoolians (or Fools), are by far the most widespread Race in the Galaxy. They often take the role of merchants and craftspeople. Above all things, they desire prestige in their work and the pleasures of decadence. Frugal and pragmatic, they will weigh the risks and rewards of any situation. They often have an inquisitive nature and ever turning minds necessary to bring themselves up the ladder to greater respect.

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Humans hail from the planets Earth and Mars in the central sector and on first sight do not appear to have any distinguishing aptitude for anything extraordinary. Unlike the other Races of the universe, they can only rely on their innate adaptability and perception to survive where others may be able to shoot fire or read minds. Humans above all other Races have a predilection to gain diverse skills rather than be born into one set skill.

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The Mirrani of Mirraa are a three-eyed feline Race. The Mirrani are seldom found beyond their home planet but when they are, they assume roles as advisors or spies. Their innate Telepathic powers afford them a higher degree of insight into business and political dealings making them invaluable for merchants and politicians. They often do not show their true appearance in public, tending to wear large hoods or masks to dissuade others from knowing that they are under the gaze of a Mirrani. To them, secrets and information are a passion. Their utilization of what they gain is up to them, as the power of a few words can alter the trajectory of entire worlds.

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Their home planet of Ithir is nothing but turgid salty brine and water. From this planet arose the Race of water-folk: The Muintir. Sporting webbed hands and toes as well as a powerful tail and fins, the Muintir evolved to create massive floating cities and enclaves, which house the majority of their trade populations. They also have vast cities on the ocean floor that few have ever visited. Although aqueous, they do possess the ability to walk on terrestrial land on their legs.

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The Pyra are a draconian lizard Race who hail from the binary planetary system around the Opilan Star. The system is made up of Fulgar, the city planet and Ignis the fire planet. They can have a variety of features such as spines, tails, and vestigial wings.

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The Skivri are an arachnoid Race who dwell within the vast and dark catacombs of their home planet, Kevo. They have two arms and four legs, in addition to two semi-vestigial “arms” that secrete a poison. They have several eyes that can perform different purposes such as dark or light vision but they also are keen at detecting forces unseen by any other Race.

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The Stetti are a Race of avian Valkyries who hail from the planet Koti. Koti has a ridged topography, made up of Rolling forests and hills with large mountains interspersed. The great distances between tribes on the planet are what lead to the evolution of the Stetti to have pronounced lower legs as well as large wings.

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The Ventoshi of Venatosh are a Race of humanoid jackal creatures who grew from a jungle world of great beasts and trials. They have the elongated ears, legs, and canine facial features. They have paws for feet and also very dexterous hands, and perceptive senses. Above all else, they have the ability to detect and dispatch their quarry with deftness and agility rather than Strength, which they lack. As trueborn hunters, they think objectively, avoiding the minutia of details and philosophy in their actions, preferring to get to the heart of the matter at hand and solve problems with the Skills and utilities available.

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