Weapons Specialist

Weapons are inert and no different from any other object, but in your hands, these tools take on a new life. Precision and agility are what make you a force to be reckoned with, but the edge of a blade and the impact of a projectile make you deadly.

“In a world of dangerous individuals, become a living weapon, make anything you wield an extension of that weapon, and you will become the dangerous individual.”
The Monk: Code VI (Unknown). ~2E.

“In order to be counted among the best combat specialists, one must achieve a perfection of balance and grace and be in all things dexterous and agile. You must be a combination of evasion and applied force with the key being able to avoid incoming attacks while applying your own. Remove the weapon of the enemy and they are useless. Dodge their blows and they are equally so. Making an enemy useless is just as good as overpowering him, for the result will be the same. It is in these principles that one develops a certain style to one's actions whether trained as a marksman fighting from a distance or a master of blades right within the thick of things. The weapon of choice comes secondary to knowing one’s abilities and developing a rooted tactic. Have many tactics. Where one is not the correct tool for the job move to the next. Improvisation is always a last resort, but it should also be an understood element of life that the enemy will attempt to do the same to you as you try to do to them.”
Meditations on the Common Martial Arts, Domic Cordikon. 3E 0446

“In the hands of a weapons specialist, any weapon will do. Certainly there is a tool they prefer, but anything they can pick up is within their realm of possibility to be deadly in no short part due to their own abilities at moving with precision. They are not flat out fast, but often their reactions are so quick that no blow can hit them. Take for example the great Ventoshi Warrior Koldiki, the sole survivor of a Muintir invasion on Takkiis who survived behind enemy lines for six years with nothing but what she could find at her disposal. It was only after the Ventoshi retook the planet that they learned that Koldiki had killed some 340 Muintir. Though captured numerous times, she evaded execution and escaped from each encounter. When the Ventoshi forces returned, the entire Muintir forward command were absorbed in futile efforts to capture her. When asked how she had accomplished this feat she replied: 'I just never let myself get hit. If there were too many to fight I would give up, become captured, wait for a time with fewer guards, then simply take a weapon, anything at hand would do, and fight my way back out again.'”
The Opilan Times: A true Hero of the Light, Tokkah Teblunahh. 2E 99999