You feel the energy of life, the force that coils in the heart of every being, the growth and the decay of cells, and the magic that lurks within consciousness. Somehow you’ve tapped into these forces to manipulate the pure life energy of any living thing, giving you the ability to give or take from another.

“Life is a combination of physical, electrical, and divine forces, but where they cross, that is the pure energy of life.”
Guide to the Vivekinetic Arts, Degren Kintactric. 3E 4649

“The Vivekinetic relies on becoming 'Tegret' in the Dohm language or 'the most alive.' It is a concept of sheer willpower, forcing your own life energy to hold sway over any other organic matter in your presence. Be it by electrical impulses, the DNA in cells, or the divine energies present throughout the universe, learning to be in a state of tegret follows different paths for each Vivekinetic and focuses on an aspect that bestows life. A remarkable discovery, or a terrifying one, was the realization that certain mechanical components developed by the Fubari could mimic this state of tegret on an electrical level, allowing robots and machinery to gain this great power despite being immune to its effects.”
Vivekenisis in the Modern Age, Derndof Retqug. 3E, 1638

“It is in my experience that Vivekinetics are one of two breeds. They will either be warm comforting folk who seem to emanate an aura of comfort and peace with soft spoken words and welcoming smiles. These are presumed to be the ones who can restore life. Then there are the alternatives who, I must admit, occupy very uncouth places, who stare with daggers and whose very words seem to sap the spirit out of any room in which they are present. They are presumed to be the fearsome life-suckers. Though it is said that some can occupy a middle area between the two extremes of medics and assassins, I would not know of them. Both have their uses I suppose…”
A Guide to the Great Cities, Poss Vechn. 3E, 2209