After experimenting with the thoughts and motives of others you learn their deepest secrets and can even make others act in ways they normally wouldn’t. You are a master of the mind, able to create fantastic dreams or hellish nightmares.

“The mind makes reality, not the senses.”
Proverbs, 2E

“Telepathy is the power to influence others through the mind. The telepath has value both in and out of combat. Never on the front line, they are better suited for support roles to harass the enemy or bolster your own troops. Out of combat they are perhaps the best resource for spying if inserted into a place of high status. To that end, there are two prevailing and legitimate schools of thought. There is the school of intellect, where one’s own mind becomes strong enough to affect others simply by the power of thoughts directed at the mind of a subject. In this school, it is the challenge to learn simply how to pass thoughts to another and often begins as the ability to sense emotion, intention or thoughts before developing into true telepathy. The second school is one of senses, to enter the mind using body language, signs and particular avenues of speech. This 'charisma school,' as it is called, requires telepaths to use their bodies and words as the conduit to direct ideas into others. They notice each mannerism and micro-expression in their intended subject in order to receive thoughts and intentions.”
Mind’s Eye, Vodiru’duk Nelthemazaer. 2E, 456

“…The great hindrance in this modern age [is] that many realms do not count the information gained by 'telepaths' as confirmed evidence. This cannot be blamed. Such as with the scandal of the Fubari Pirate Trials in the 2E 345 wherein several hundred individuals claiming to be telepaths accused neighbors and competing merchants of being in league with a great pirate king. The affair went on for nearly two hundred years and involved many executions and arrests ranging from paupers to merchants. It even brought about the deposition of King Rendehell of the Fubari throne! This chase terminated in the trial of a Tovian slug-cow as the pirate king. The slug-cow was executed and all involved agreed 'that should be the end of that.' Other realms accept it as a matter of course. For example, the Mirrani kingdoms openly allow telepathically gained evidence mostly because telepaths are in such great abundance there and all Mirrani are adept with the art, including judges and police.”
The Legality of Telepathy, Hoanx Neckthron. 2E, 1995