You have a much simpler time lifting, throwing and breaking heavy objects. People always say that you’re are big and strong. You always just thought others were small and weak. Your muscles are more effective or are simply larger than those of average beings.

“Be stronger than the world, and the world will break.”
Wisdom of Force, Doondg Verfin. 3E, 5373

“Strength comes in many forms, but we’re only talking about the one that allows you to break stuff. To be in the league of true Strength one must never cease training, never stop exercising and never rest on a plateau. You must craft your body, form it into something that can protect you and others from the dangers of the universe. In this way, combat is perhaps only 10% spent actually fighting and 90% conditioning. Battle yourself, battle your laziness, battle your fears, and battle your muscles. Then, when the time comes, unite all that held you back into a crushing blow. Nothing can stand in your way when you are a greater force than nature.”
The Inner and the Outer Struggles, Fordude Fenderbell. 2E, 45438

“The wisdom of your training will not be found in this book but as the result of your own inner battle and through the refinement of muscle into a pure and unfettered entity of power. What will face you depends on trickery, stealth and illusion. No one can best you in true combat. Through constant test of will and struggle you will grind weakness from your body, and become an unstoppable force, a killer, a warrior of true and awesome strength what will make the darkness fear you. With your own flesh you will scour evil from the stars.”
Bolmorian Training Manual, General Hempduck. 3E, 0548

“Super-strengths are rarely seen in high society. Those that are seen are usually generals or commended solders. With their monstrous frames and bulging muscles, they do not fit well in the delicate ballrooms and offices of the elite. They seem to spend very little time thinking about anything beyond their muscles and, frankly, this makes them quite boring. Try making a few jokes with them, but refrain from offending any suspected meathead.”
A Guide to Fubari Ballrooms, Poss Vechn. 3E, 2200