You’re a quick one. How quick? Really quick. Others just can’t keep up. Might as well keep going forward, or back? Nah, forward. You run fast, but also you can notice fast, think fast, go fast! Don’t get it? Too slow.

“Outrunning time is easy, just be where you need to the moment you need to. I don’t see what’s so complicated about that. It is when you think you’ve reached the pure limit of all motion, around Mach 12, and feel that you might be tearing the universe out from behind you, there is a moment of pure silence. And then it happens: the world stands beyond still and you can even see things move backwards.”
Mogriph’s Thesis, Del Mogriph. 2E, 53773

“With pure speed, one can find any desired opening and exploit any weakness. The speedster relies less on combat and follows the tenets of constant motion and evasion. Only following those tenets comes the precise strike. The truly gifted are eventually elevated to a point where they remain completely unseen. Much like the ruminations of Aero explored in Martial arts of the Elements by Heythikutuck Vos DE’nack’leee, the speedster must be the embodiment of trickery or else he winds up quite dead. Nearly everything else is stronger than him, but strength means nothing if there is no opportunity to be hit.”
Capturing the Speed, Rickolous Neckter 3E 40044

“…to see [the speedster] as a subject we see a flighty individual. Speedsters are often seen by others as remarkably intelligent or remarkably stupid. This largely depends on what company they keep, for it is with the same fervor of their motions that their minds, and thoughts, and speech race ever on. Looking deeply enough, you can catch the flits of emotion and struggle as one recalls to take a breath or that the poor individual caught in a conversation with one may not be keeping up with everything that’s being said. They act completely on what appears to be impulse as they have no patience to hear slow and cautious council, yet the good ones are at least correct in their decisiveness.”
Meet the Speedster, Windew Olsti. 3E, 0442