The way the flames behave, they seem drawn to you. Through the fire you can see the stored energy of all things and feel that passion within yourself. You find that you can direct the behavior of escaping energy, to control the burn, silencing or creating fire at your will.

“Flame, in all things live, Flame, in all things take, Flame, in all things live, Flame, in all things take…”
Mantra of the Flame ~1E

“Pyrokinesis is the art of creating and directing fire. All things by nature contain within them a structure, a held energy that when released will produce true flame. The Pyro does not fight the natural escape of energy, but maneuvers it with a blend of determination, strength and power. Pyrokinetics turn their enemies’ attacks into their own undoing, feeding off the energy of their foes and giving them no stable ground to stand on. With fire, and step, and strategy, they press a constant, concussive attack that overwhelms their opponents.”
Martial arts of the Elements V.II, Amper Nodix. 3E, 1890

“The Pyrokinetic can be the most tiresome of the elemental apt. Just be sure if you find yourself at an affair with one that they take your own point of view or (by the gods) that you take theirs! No amount of reasoning will sway them to your side; they will, however, exploit every fraction of your argument and not cease before matters get personal. Pyros are good to have in the more rough-and-tumble part of town where a little rowdy-how is common decorum. Those pyros that find themselves in high society are often seen with bulging veins and clenched fists in an apparent battle to keep their restraint from acting upon the latest slight, no matter how minor. I can only judge, to bolster my theory, that there is a quality among those who practice the elemental arts to take on the aspects of the given element in their personality and action. The Pyro can thus be posited to require the need to release emotion and act on passions. To be fair, this quality is found in varying degrees, but remains ever present.”
Philosophies of the Elements, Poss Vechn. 3E, 2204