People never seem to notice you. It soon becomes clear to you that your natural guile might be due to something else entirely. At times, you have trouble actually seeing your own hand in front of your face. You use the trick of the light, the shadow, and the reflection to remain unseen.

“If you are not seen, you are invisible. If you are not seen.”
Proverbs 2E

“It is the one who can pass unnoticed through the shadow that all fruits ripen for and all truths are revealed, for they are seen with thine own eyes and heard with thine own ears. The eyes of others cannot reach them, even in the most guarded of places. Through the darkness all becomes visible.”
(unknown writings)

“Many who have studied the arts of stealth aspire to become invisible. However, invisibility is not something that can be taught. Certainly, one could remain hidden and move with guile, and this may create the effect that there was never anyone there to begin with, but true invisibility comes from a place that makes up the very nature of the shadowalker. They have, from birth, held a place of being overlooked, of being forgotten and never missed. They can move through a crowd of people and not one person in that crowd would be able to identify them after they passed. They could come right up to you and still you will never remember their face, you will, perhaps, even wonder if that was not some apparition created by your own mind. No, true invisibility, it is more than an art.”
Invisibility for Dunderheads, Tembluckx Den’ Trodo. 3E 0042