You are the path of least resistance and change the direction of water and fluids. From gentle trickle to raging torrent, you can somehow manipulate the direction of a stream and change the course of rivers.

“In a way, your life and the lives of all things, flow like water down the path of least resistance; all things flow to the pool of destiny.”
Way of the Fluid (Author Unknown) 2E 0043

“Hydrokinesis is the ability to manipulate water and fluids. Their pattern of motion is often mistaken for the style of the Aerokinetic, but such is a gross misunderstanding. Hydros do employ speed and much ingenuity in their styles, for they are certainly not to be mistaken for a Geo, but much goes into their intellect and dexterity as well. They must create the force that pushes and pulls their element, contorting to press for an opening against an enemy’s defense until nothing but weakness is exposed. They are the erroders, if given enough time their ever-present force that can whittle down even the greatest structures to nothing, and yet, seem so delicate while doing it.”
Martial Arts of the Elements, Heythikutuck Vos DE’nack’leee. 3E, 1771

“Hydros are extremely interesting by examination. There is within them a great energy that does not fight their surroundings but constantly pushes against it. When they are pleasant, they are the most affable and accommodating folk with a placid nature and almost reverence for all life. Mind them, however, when their dander gets up. Standing in the path of a Hydro is sure to elicit a never ending barrage of arguments and retorts. They will fight for what they believe in yet just as easily seem to let it all go. This is a ruse, a most intelligent one in that they can often lead whomever they argue with to hang themselves by their own word. Never underestimate them and never concede ground to one, for each inch lost to them will never be gained back. It is in my experience they make the best lawyers, almost certainly due to what their abilities has rubbed off on their psyches.”
Philosophies of the Elements, Poss Vechn. 3E, 2204