You understand the earth as a very slow liquid rather than something fixed. The ground swells under your step. You have the power to push past the stubbornness of solid matter and feel the earth flow like sand or become as solid as diamond.

You do not fight
you do not move
let the troubles break upon you
let them fall to pieces
then crush them. 
Way of Geo, (Author Unknown)

“Geokinesis is the ability to manipulate the element of earth, to shatter veins open, make rock sail through air where it should not be allowed by the laws of reality. But then who makes such laws anyway? Geokinetics must have endurance, strength, will, and fortitude, willing to outlast any trial, overcome any storm, and push through any obstacles. Geokinetics must find peace and calm within while the world batters at them from the outside.”
Ruminations on a Rock, Youudn Wendel. 3E 2001

“They are perhaps the most stubborn beings in the galaxy, and yet there is something wonderful about that. They never seem to let you in but acknowledge everything with a calm, almost ambivalent nature and only speak if they have something pertinent to say. It only makes sense that, as with other elementals in their own ways, they would take on the social patterns belonging to an ominous mountain. Each subtlety is lost on them and every attempt at suggestion is met with a direct question of purpose. Even the way they stand is as if they are making some pledge of purpose to remain and outlast whatever discomfort or scenario they put themselves in. When they do seem to move it is with direct purposefulness and lacking in all guile and delicacy. The ground trembles before them. It is only natural that people, being the fleshy things we are, would part for the bold Geokinetic. I must add that they are dreadfully dull at parties.”
Philosophies of the Elements, Poss Vechn. 3E, 2204