Electrical circuits and mechanical parts come to you as easily as breathing. You’ve discovered that, given time, you can easily construct or reverse-engineer any device or machine. No feat of technology feels out of your ability to create or destroy.

“What can’t be broke ain’t worth fixing…Hyderburble!”  
Elementery Fubari Mechanics, Nox Vicheswasen. 2E 0539

“The Engineer is not intended to fight on the front line. They are more valuable far in the back, secluded to some locked garage with an endless supply of materials, tools and a problem to solve. There is no telling if the tools will survive, but you will be sure that the materials will be gone and they will have made something 'very cool and explodey.' If it solves the problem, that’s good too.”
Employing Crafters for Tactical Advantage, Brondo Maxamillion, 2E 0003

“The Engineer, the crafter, the builder. They are by far the true gods of this universe, able to manipulate matter itself to change reality and laugh in the face of evolution. Nothing is out of their reach if they are simply allowed to work. This last prospect can be both beautiful and terrifying.”
Times I Laughed, Foolnool. 1E 0001