Powers are the most identifiable way characters interact and present themselves in the Opilan Galaxy.


The light touch of a breeze, the rising power of a gust and the overwhelming force of a hurricane are as familiar to you as close friends. Somehow you have learned the patterns of air and can channel its mysterious strength with little more than a hand motion.

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Electrical circuits and mechanical parts come to you as easily as breathing. You’ve discovered that, given time, you can easily construct or reverse-engineer any device or machine. No feat of technology feels out of your ability to create or destroy.

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You understand the earth as a very slow liquid rather than something fixed. The ground swells under your step. You have the power to push past the stubbornness of solid matter and feel the earth flow like sand or become as solid as diamond.

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You are the path of least resistance and change the direction of water and fluids. From gentle trickle to raging torrent, you can somehow manipulate the direction of a stream and change the course of rivers.

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People never seem to notice you. It soon becomes clear to you that your natural guile might be due to something else entirely. At times, you have trouble actually seeing your own hand in front of your face. You use the trick of the light, the shadow, and the reflection to remain unseen.

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The way the flames behave, they seem drawn to you. Through the fire you can see the stored energy of all things and feel that passion within yourself. You find that you can direct the behavior of escaping energy, to control the burn, silencing or creating fire at your will.

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You’re a quick one. How quick? Really quick. Others just can’t keep up. Might as well keep going forward, or back? Nah, forward. You run fast, but also you can notice fast, think fast, go fast! Don’t get it? Too slow.

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You have a much simpler time lifting, throwing and breaking heavy objects. People always say that you’re are big and strong. You always just thought others were small and weak. Your muscles are more effective or are simply larger than those of average beings.

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After experimenting with the thoughts and motives of others you learn their deepest secrets and can even make others act in ways they normally wouldn’t. You are a master of the mind, able to create fantastic dreams or hellish nightmares.

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You feel the energy of life, the force that coils in the heart of every being, the growth and the decay of cells, and the magic that lurks within consciousness. Somehow you’ve tapped into these forces to manipulate the pure life energy of any living thing, giving you the ability to give or take from another.

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Weapons Specialist

Weapons are inert and no different from any other object, but in your hands, these tools take on a new life. Precision and agility are what make you a force to be reckoned with, but the edge of a blade and the impact of a projectile make you deadly.

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