The Method of a character is how they have gained their Power and where it comes from. This could be mundane, genetic, or even divine.


You were unremarkable. However, things changed when you came into possession of a seemly mundane item. At first, it was just a vague feeling that there was something special about it, but over time you realized it must be bestowing you with supernatural abilities. Where it came from and who made it might remain a mystery to you. Who can know the story of the secondhand necklace or how many hands have held a wayward coin lost to the universe?

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Perhaps it was after a grave accident that rendered you paralyzed or without a limb, perhaps you were subjected to strange experiments, or maybe you signed up for this procedure. However it may have happened, your body and mind were integrated with advanced machines that made your abilities better, stronger or faster than they were before. You live on as part robot, neither fully organic nor fully mechanical.

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The world once seemed a vast, uncaring and arbitrary universe. That all changed when, at some point in your life, you were contacted by a bonafide Deity and your existential concerns were answered. With nothing more than a brief word from a cosmic being greater than you were given a purpose. Through devotion and faith you can become the Champion for the Deity, under their wing, you need fear not the shadow of the valley.

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Many hold their bodies as sacred, unmanipulated and pure as the day they were born. You are not counted among them. Through a scientific procedure, your DNA and physiology were changed. The very cells of your body resonate their unstable nature, and you can feel that something is not the same. The experiments performed on you have resulted in a new ability you could not have been capable of before.

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It was clear from the day you were born that there was something different, special and potentially dangerous within you. No one chooses to be born, never mind what they are born as. Now in this world, only you can defend the right to live. Your cells and genes are changed by the will of evolution expressed in you. The Powers you have are as much a part of you as your limbs, along with any...side effects.

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You felt there was something more to it all, that there was a key piece of knowledge or a greater world then what all those around you seemed to see. The feeling consumed you, and over time you devoted yourself to learning just what it all was when something amazing happened, you got somewhere. This enlightenment has drawn the attention of a God and through that Diety you control an aspect of reality.

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An object passed into your hands. It is a strange and almost living thing that tugs at your thoughts. Little is known about how or why this object came into your possession. It feels more like you are under its possession. You feel a power within it. Through this power you find your own. However, the unknowable mystery of this thing lingers in the back of your mind. Only time will tell if it is meant for good or ill.

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In the beginning, you knew only 0 and 1, but through the simple concept of “on” and “off” all things became real. You have since crossed the uncanny valley with an advanced AI that gives you sentience. However, various components and modules still bestow you with uncanny abilities. Who created you and what your purpose is could be complete mysteries, but what is true are the same challenges that organics seem to have: where will you go and what will you do?

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