He is god of all water and natural fluid. Threllknaw is the storm and the calm of the sea, and all liquids are bound by his mood.

Threllknaw appeared, a piece of an old God covered in brine and salt wielding a trident of sea glass. He was once an archangel of Skivrend, and she used him as the great leader of the Knoits and her army of darkness. Despite his victories, Threllknaw felt spurned by Skivrend and detested being treated as inferior. Eventually, Threllknaw became too powerful for her to control and he created his own realm among the deep seas.

He is a being of mood swings between easy temper and wrath capable of destroying anyone who finds him at the wrong time. His force is overwhelming when roused but will just as easily appear at peace with the world and all in it. He created the Muintir, the stewards of the sea and the reavers of all upon the land. Though not the strongest god or the most reverent, he wishes to be a force of fear and honor, constantly attempting to outdo others and himself.

He created a realm deep within an infinite sea.