Skivrend is the goddess of darkness and the void. She is master of shadows.

She is never truly seen, even by her closest cohorts. Known only to appear as a silhouette, she desires to cover the universe in the clarity of shadow. In the darkness, all beings are closest to the true nature of all reality. She believes that all must embrace the truth and face the fear of demise.

Just after the creation of the universe, Roitaven created a black hole, and from that eternal void Skivrend was born. In their first contact, a piece of light and darkness was traded between the two gods, and so within her was a piece of light and in Roitaven a piece of darkness. Skivrend used that light within her to create Mixaq, goddess of illusions. In her endeavor to spread darkness to the galaxy, she also created the Knoits as dark warriors and the Skivri as workers and assassins.

Skivrend built a Realm of darkness where light and fire are extinguished. She spreads shadow about the universe, and through her works light is consumed by her.