Mixaq weaves the veils over perception and communication. She is the knower of secrets and the keeper of truths.

Mixaq has perceptive eyes, to see all, and large ears, to hear all. She wears the robes of all-sight which allow her to understand the hearts and minds of all others. However, despite her great knowledge, she shares secrets only when it is convenient for her. Her words are like a maze laden with pitfalls and traps. She often remains disregarded and prefers others see her as insane or as a fool. This façade is the first barrier protecting her true understanding and knowledge.

Mixaq is sister to Grival, created from the light that Skivrend gained from Roitaven in the beginning of the universe. Unlike Grival, her creator did not cast her out, but she was instead bred in the darkness and shares many qualities with her mother. She created the semi-telepathic Mirrani in order to gather secrets for her.

Her realm is somewhere among the shifting black sands.