Joknow is the hunter, an ever-seeking God. Joknow guides all who undergo a perilous quest.

Joknow is depicted as a great serpentine dragon-wolf. He is compelled to chase through the darkness and shadows for both knowledge and renown for his achievements. While driven to achieve victory he will not go against his own principles of honor and sporting demeanor. He demands to have victory on his own terms, which may include unsavory actions. Despite this, he will not stoop low enough to have the victory spoiled. He seeks to discover Skivrend’s hidden realm and destroy it as well as her works so that the universe will be shown in the light. 

Joknow was once an archangel of Bolmorro, and through his devotion (and a loophole in the truce of gods) was elevated to godhood by the lord of combat. While remaining on good terms with his creator, Joknow very much is a master of his own destiny as a god. He created the Ventoshi peoples in order to search the galaxy and root out darkness. However, much like himself, they have a will of their own and their own truths to uncover. 

Joknow’s realm is said to be a vast forest upon an impossibly large mountain. Only those who have reached the top have gazed upon his true visage and the comforts of his home.