Grival is the God of chaos and mischief. He also holds sway over the Vivekinetic powers and life energy.

Grival is said to be a four-faced deity wielding the scales of chaos and the staff of life and death. He takes pleasure in weaving the fates of all living things and disheveling the order of others. He believes that order is the fault of all great beings, for to attempt order is to defy the nature of the universe. He has thus created his own code which he believes represents the chaos of the world. He remains a specter of his own, disrupting the best laid plans of mortal and god alike.

Pulled from the crazed mind of Roitaven, Grival is the wayward child of Skivrend and the fire god. As such, he retains equal parts of darkness and light, void and energy. He lives in a world built by his own rules by which he judges others, and yet he isn’t afraid to break those rules if he needs to. Sometime in the First Era, he created the Dhom to spread his own chaotic order across the galaxy. He never allies to the wars of the gods, for he feels above them and impartial.

He has since created a realm somewhere in the Central sector where he tugs at the threads of all life and weaves his power over chaos.