Foolnool is the god of invention and comforts. He presides over crafting and mechanical arts.

Only few know of his true form for he is encased in a variety of mechanical aids that serve his every need. He works hard in order to have his desires catered to and, despite being diligent, he is altogether hedonistic and a great partaker of vice. He enjoys the comforts of his own creations and desires to see himself in all that he has done. Driven by the desire for others to appreciate his works, he created the Fubari who share his cleverness and pride.

Foolnool was formed in the fires of the origin star thanks to Roitaven’s use of power. However, he was lost and wayward for so long that he had to rely on his own work and his own pleasures to survive. Eventually, he came to the court of Skivrend and, under her tutelage, had a place to practice his art. Yet Skevrend’s realm soon became joyless, and he struck out on his own as a grey god.

Foolnool is said to have a great flying mechanical planet as his realm where all vices are available.