Enzeek is the god of all travel, the guide to all who find wanderlust in their hearts and the deliverers of messages. 

He is known as the messenger and the go-between, constantly eluding the larger powers who seek to conspire to use him to their own ends. From his realm he has created the Enzaki peoples who are the great nomads of the galaxy. He maintains a joyful and carousing exterior, but a dark history looms behind his actions.

Enzeek came from a strange world far away. He vows that he will never raise a hand in violence after the death and destruction of all he loved from that world. Though he holds great power, he has converted it into pure speed. As his vow binds him, he has taken a position of messenger in the galaxy, able to cross the borders created by others. His own creation, the Enzaki, reflect his nomadic and fun-loving personality with deeper wells of emotion.

His realm is said to be a great comet that flies through all the sectors of the galaxy.