Dormnill is the goddess of endurance and solid matter. She lives within all rock and stone.

She appears as a massive being of rock and is often mistaken for a mountain. Driven by the desire to bond all things into one solid structure, Dormnill is the oldest Goddess and is present in all rock, earth and natural solid matter. Above all else, she is patient. Though the other gods compete for supremacy, she bides her time until she can use the gravity of her mass to begin stitching the universe into a singularity. She does not care about the struggles of the other gods as long as they don’t interfere with her.

Dormnill is an ancient goddess, and her origin is altogether unclear. It is believed she came from a time before the gods and that all matter is simply the broken pieces of her body that she is trying to bring back. She created the Dormant race and yet never really seemed to have an intention for them. And so they wander aimlessly through the galaxy.

Her realm was created to be a solid and mysterious planet with caverns that ever shift to entrap intruders, rumored to contain a Nullium core.  All she wants there is peace until the day she can condense the universe.