Stett is the Goddess of unseen forces of motion. She controls and navigates all air.

Stett is depicted as a great winged Valkyrie. Though of a calm and angelic demeanor, she is somehow always moving; able to glide through the stillness of moments. It is her desire to find peace and tranquility among the clash of powers, yet she fights for the side of light. She sees the clarity of the stars rather than the darkness of Skivrend as the true wisdom. Above all, she is the voice of reason and optimism among the lighter deities of the Opilan Pantheon.

Stett was an archangel of Roitaven, but was given the powers of godhood through her purity of heart and valor in the ancient wars of the gods. She remains a strong bolster to the side of light. She created the Stetti peoples as poet warriors who will sue for peace until the utter most ends are exhausted. Then her forces will fight with valor and fervor.

Stett’s realm is said to be a land above the clouds. Great air currents bring those who are lost to the place that they are most needed.