Roitaven is the first god, the origin of life and the fiery dispersal of energy into the galaxy. He presides over all flame.

Seen as a being surrounded by great flame, Roitaven arose from the fiery core of the first star. The star's name was Opilan, and its cataclysm created the material for all the planets and beings of the universe. Throughout his existence, Roitaven has undergone much turmoil and change. Early on he was an insane, unquenchable force spilling fire and energy throughout the universe. When he first made contact with Skivrend, he realized the enormity of the darkness that surrounded him, the unknown beyond his comforting light, and he became wounded and afraid. Now grown with true wisdom and courage, he exists as a kingly being of fire, driven by his desire to spread light through the galaxy.

Roitaven is believed to be the creator of the universe, and through his works he made Grival, Stett, Bolmorro, and Joknow. He is passionate and often dramatic. However from his previous wars and injuries, he knows how best to direct his energies. When his ire is fully unleashed, no force can truly stand in his wake.

His realm is within the burning origin star.