Bolmorro is the god of combat and righteous fury. He holds sway over all warriors in their endeavors.

Bolmorro is said to be a warrior of immense size with six arms wielding several weapons at once. While he takes pleasure in battle, he knows that war will ultimately come to no good end, and so he fights without emotion or judgment. Bolmorro is the perfect fighter and very much remains the crusading arm of Roitaven against the powers of shadow and illusion.

Bolmorro was birthed from the marrow of Roitaven’s old form, and his enduring purpose is to act as the fiery god’s sword. Crusading against the mythological beings of darkness, the Knoits, was what brought him to godhood in his own right. In the First Era, he created the Bolmorreans, and with his army, he fought off the tide of shadow from spreading to the light side of the galaxy.

Since those ancient times he has created a realm where he is always building a new army of worthy warriors preparing for the final battle for the soul of the Opilan Galaxy.