The Deities of this world can be fickle, and like to toy with mortals, or use them for their own purposes. Sometimes, this means granting mortals a portion of their power. Those that have been chosen, may Pray to their Deity in the hopes of a miracle.


Bolmorro is the god of combat and righteous fury. He holds sway over all warriors in their endeavors.

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Dormnill is the goddess of endurance and solid matter. She lives within all rock and stone.

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Enzeek is the god of all travel, the guide to all who find wanderlust in their hearts and the deliverers of messages. 

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Foolnool is the god of invention and comforts. He presides over crafting and mechanical arts.

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Grival is the God of chaos and mischief. He also holds sway over the Vivekinetic powers and life energy.

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Joknow is the hunter, an ever-seeking God. Joknow guides all who undergo a perilous quest.

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Mixaq weaves the veils over perception and communication. She is the knower of secrets and the keeper of truths.

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Roitaven is the first god, the origin of life and the fiery dispersal of energy into the galaxy. He presides over all flame.

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Stett is the Goddess of unseen forces of motion. She controls and navigates all air.

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He is god of all water and natural fluid. Threllknaw is the storm and the calm of the sea, and all liquids are bound by his mood.

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