Passage 20: The Knoits

Excerpt from the Ancient Texts:

In chambers deep within the dark palace,
The court began their works in avarice,
I tell you now of their hideous result,
The effects wrought forth shadow and tumult,
To all beams of light that some held dear,
I tell you now what was spawned here.
The method is not yet known to any,
Beyond those three in dark conspiracy,
Since their works were interwoven,
This action of theirs was never spoken
Know thee well that it was this:
Foolnool empowered to build in tryst,
Mixaq endowed to craft a single mind,
And Skiverend to forms of shadow bind.

‘Ere how the magics flew,
Crackling from cauldron’s stew
To rise in dark culminations,
Beings from three divinations.

Foolnool wrought in mighty vats,
Alchemist fluids and structure and mass,
Combined and made their physical forms,
Frames of metal with flesh adorned,
Yet woe ever strove into his works,
The nearflesh unbidden and perverse,
For it was not what his hammer could nail,
Nor was this his skill, so drew little prevail.
Oblong and haphazard so they seemed,
But strong within and internal metal gleamed.

‘Ere how the magics flew,
Crackling from cauldron’s stew
Bodies made for creation,
An army for their dark nation.

To Mixaq did these empty shells fall,
And bid to them all a mind to call,
From a piece of her starlight cloak,
Illusions and senses set to stoke,
Placed within divine charms of seeing,
Eyes she set into their being,
Connected across all space and time,
Forming their one contiguous mind.
And made chief their center in an orb,
Before mother’s feet to absorb.

‘Ere how the magics flew,
Crackling from cauldron’s stew
Minds made for each other,
An army for her mother.

And as the visions did prophesy
Mixaq and Foolnool did not belie
Before dark goddess their power given
There bestowed the power undriven
Skivrend stood smoke black in shadow’d storm,
Took out her broken eye from her void form,
WIth chittering cackle and deafening scream,
Put within the orb, issued hissing steam,
The creatures at once jumped into motion,
Swarming creation’s halls like an ocean.
With joyous rapture, scream turned in her trade,
Sight through the eyes of those who were made.

Made of metal and madness,
Seeing illusions reflecting the blackness,
Driven on by Skiverend’s shadowed eye
So named the Knoits made for Roitaven to die.

And the halls were silent, save for a word:


So it is said.


"The Ancient Texts speak here of how the army of the Dark Court was made. Its chosen destiny was to kill Roitaven by Skivrend’s will in retaliation for her injury, as well as snuff out his type of power and the light that she found profane. It is important to note that the Void energies in her Realm are not devoid of any perceptive light, but it is an ethereal and ghostly purple by which Foolnool and Mixaq worked. This particular section was held along with many of the early passages within the temples of Mirraa until an internal conflict scattered a great portion of these ancient secrets to unknown places of the galaxy."
-- Caldied T. Kertisk, High Oracle and Keeper of the Archives at the Athenaeum of Mirraa

By Jason Pratley

Jason Pratley joined the team sometime in 2013 when he created the concepts for the gods of ODR. He has since become the Writing Director and de facto loremaster for DDG. Check out some other stories and content at and