The Alliance of the Dark Court

Excerpt from the Ancient Texts:

Across the void of space was met,
Three young gods with fate to set,
Beyond the pale, Passage of Void.
Mixaq, Skivrend, and Foolnool alloyed


God of grey, the goddesses dark,
Unknowing the part they would play,
For this coven yet to embark,
Forge as void and metallic spray.
Sore-traveled in need of her home,
Mixaq did take Foolnool as prize,
To show her mother she was no foe,
And brewed a plan of enterprize.
At Mixaq’s words, Foolnool forsook,
Roaming the stars and lands afar,
Taking promises Mixaq had brooked,
Of prowess in a dark land unmarred
Riches to the mechanic god,
Foolnool naive in his time to know,
But before the gates he questioned the sod,
Where Mixaq’s promises divined to grow.

And now they stand in the throne room of a castle deep,
Where Mixaq preys her mother’s love is not so cheap.


Mixaq pleaded, before Skivrend’s scorn,
To trust Foolnool’s craft not overturn,
Her will and power, so implored,
Ask’d pardon and her return,
“Through crafting our fate would be secured!”
Our foe would not escape Skivrend’s wrath!”
Her words writ with illusion decour’d,
“Let me show you your noble path!”
In shimmering tears a vision dispatched.
“O’ Skivrend’s from darkness derived is,
If darkness impart would spread unmatched
With metal hands and my illusions,
No more would his molten light show,
Under an army of growing shadow!”
“The Stealth, the mind, the design of thee,
Victorious soldiers shall they be,
Some will chitter and chatter along,
In an anthem of hypnotic songs,
And others with hides of thickest scale,
Would spread our rule to bitter prevail,
And will not rest lest they take his head,
Marching forth to see Roitaven dead.”

Ethereal mist showed her word’s dream
Spilling forth from her magic third eye
Of their forms in Mixaq’s power gleam,
Against the chamber ceiling on high
The three gods standing in darkened sky!
Foolnool beheld a place of status,
Seeing what his life had not supplied
jewels and tools and food to the stratus!
Machines and shining apparatus!
Yet Skiverend beheld their place more clearly,
Foolnool only greed’s slave emphatic
Saw her power like the roots of a tree,
It’s roots digging into the darkness,
Branches with power yet to harness.


As Mixaq spoke her illusion blends,
Skivrend wise to her dear daughter’s trick,
Was turning about the proposed ends,
first no better than a house of stick,
Began to take hold with an ounce of grit.
As the dark walls wound illusion light,
Began to weave of battles to her sight,
Of a fiery throne crushed by cold might!
Silence cut short and illusion broke,
For a sound gave Mixaq a great fright,
At long last, Skivrend spoke,
“What say your charge to all you’ve said?
That clanking ball might rather be dead!”

And with dark energy, she swept up to Foolnool’s side,
“Art thou as good as my daughter decides?”


Twas Foolnool’s time to speak in earnest,
Having listened, his word hesitant,
“All this talk of armies seems worthless,
I have one goal, to me recalcitrant,
And this is to build the firmament,
What I desire are my desires fulfilled,
Freedom except from entertainment,
The end and means I leave you instilled,
And to you, I will craft what you will,
For behold my true body is weak,
But has not held me back from what I seek,
This machine body takes much to build,
the least of which is a great skill,
And with such prowess, I will craft,
But the first thing I desire is a long bath.”

To this Skivrend laughed, for his morale was clear,
And she gladened to the certainty of his mood,
Yet his words were of Mixaq’s mind to steer,
Her will and oaths, of all else she shoo’d,
So was set the mind of Foolnool,
In him she planted this inception,
He would be used as Skiverend’s tool.
Mixaq brought forth a selfish satisfaction,
For pleasure, leaving only his love of invention.
That nothing else should endure in his mind.
This swayed Skivrend, seeing not through this deception,
She laughed deeply and then she sighed,
“You indeed have crafted with skill that I lack,
And in return, it is nothing to give that what you ask.”

“I propose now we strike an accord,
My daughter fulfilled her trial of eviction,
And brought Foolnool to me, assuring darkness restored,
With our powers combined, we will build without restriction,
And in this together we will be implored,
Will provide while we endeavor to kill thy mark,
Within my temple to all my jurisdiction,
WIth what our efforts mine from hatred stark,
Beyond the great Gate, the Passage in the dark,
He who has injured me, so mighty then,
And all who may inhabit this world will hark,
That today spells doom to the light of Roitaven.
Behind my walls, this mighty fort,
that all works of light we will thwart,
Do we, us three, form this Darkness Court.”


And the three gods understood their compact,
And in magic deep, they agreed to that,
threw their powers and essence and being,
Into the coven of the light’s deepening,
And henceforth for a great time,
Would the Dark Court arise and survive,
By their powers, their three hearts would collide.

And in divine binding their works did brew.

So it is said.

By Jason Pratley

Jason Pratley joined the team sometime in 2013 when he created the concepts for the gods of ODR. He has since become the Writing Director and de facto loremaster for DDG. Check out some other stories and content at and