The Enticement of Foolnool

Mixaq sized up the being that stood on a set of spidery metal legs before her. For she was new still quite new to the world and that the world itself was still quite young, no being other than Foolnool at this time had attempted to refine and use the materials of the expanse to create such devices. As Mixaq beheld the first of all engineers she was utterly confused by him and knew not where his body ended or began or even what kind of creature he was.

“I have only known to two others…” Said Mixaq “Whom I could speak to…” She circled around Foolnool’s throne, tapping the spindly metal legs with a claw creating tinny echoes, not quite knowing that it was only the machination of the fleshy lump that sat upon it. Foolnool’s thick neck folds scrunched and bulged as his he struggled to keep an eye on her path around him.

“...Neither was made of such a strong material.”

“Y-Yes, it is Nullium, this chair is one of my own inventions.” Said Foolnool. He pulled a lever and the chair spun about showing off the dexterity of its legs over the coarse black sands. “Mobility while reclining!”

Mixaq did not respond right away, but instead looked between Foolnool’s fleshy form and the gears of the mechanics and back again.

“I do not understand, are you not standing before me now? How can you also be what you have invented?”

Foolnool laughed “No, you see--”

But at that moment a small circular object hovered over from across the black sands. It flew just above Foolnool’s now outstretched hands and beeped at various intervals and tones before dropping a number of dark rocks into his spindly digits. Foolnool was immediately engrossed in the rocks eyeing them with his spectacles as though Mixaq was never there.

In his distraction he gave Mixaq the opportunity to read his mind and answer her own query. As the sluggish being fawned over the stones, Mixaq entered into his mind and walked into the annals of his knowledge. Here was a cathedral of whirring gears and snapping electrical circuits. Few places to stand, but on plasma screens and in tomes she pondered over his memories and desires.

“Machines…” Said Mixaq finally. “Quite complicated things indeed. Are they not?” Though she had seen his inner workings, the concepts of circuits and bolts were still not quite understood other than their utility.

Foolnool was drawn from his own ponderings by her words.

“Yes, they are of my design,” said Foolnool clutching the stones in one hand and holding up his hand beneath the hovering drone seeming to manipulate its path without touching it. “I have taught this one to collect precious materials and ore that I might refine into something useful.” And then in his hand he clutched the stones so tightly that they became diamond bolts and screws.

Mixaq nodded and brazenly spoke his inner thoughts. “Materials that you turn into objects. Objects that contrive the world so you might never find want or need of anything.”

Foolnool furrowed his eyebrow. “Indeed. For as long as I can remember I was cast wayward, adrift across the stars of this universe. Without anything but my own hands. Without this throne, without my knowledge, I am a cripple. I’ve lived that way for time immeasurable, but now with the use of tools I do not need to change, I can change the world and create machines to do what I cannot.”

“Such a long road you have taken to get here. I too was cast wayward.” As she spoke, her sight penetrated into the memories of Foolnool. A great cataclysm of fire that forged him, drifting across the stars. She sensed his lonely heart, his desire for appreciation.

“What if I told you that there is a great and powerful benefactor, who could give you all that you desire, all that you need to craft and find comfort and happiness.”

Foolnool’s interest was peaked. “I would be indebted to such a person.”

Mixaq smiled. “Then be not afraid and come with me to my mother Skivrend. And there we shall do great things and this endless expanse will be ours.”

And Foolnool, entranced by her words, left with Mixaq to return with her to the passage of the void and thereby return to Skivrend’s side.

So it is said.

By Jason Pratley

Jason Pratley joined the team sometime in 2013 when he created the concepts for the gods of ODR. He has since become the Writing Director and de facto loremaster for DDG. Check out some other stories and content at and