The Illusion of Mixaq

Corrupted by the darkness of Skivrend, Roitaven became chaotic. Stars and vapors of vibrant nebula pooled and exploded wherever he went. He was bathed in light and the thrill of expending his energy, yet it was with malice in search for the goddess that eluded him.

Skivrend and Mixaq watched on from the dark corner of the galaxy, seeing his movements as cheap, without rhyme or elegance.

“Look at the great god of light.” Said Skivrend “He disturbs the beauty of the dark heavens.”

“The star god knows nothing of truth” Said Mixaq. She gave a wide smile. “Perhaps we should teach him the futility of his prattlings.

Skivrend raised a brow. “What did you have in mind my child?”

“It would be no great thing.” Mixaq yawned. “I will weave a scarf and present it to him.”

Skivrend was confused.

“Fret not dear mother, I will go alone and you may watch.”

With that the Mixaq took to the deepest chambers of her realm and began to forge a great cloth made from the fabric of bleakest, empty, lonely space. For three days she made the cloth. She sewed small jewels of starlight into it adding wisps of nebula so that it shimmered and reverberated in patterns of hypnotic beauty. When she was done she returned to Skivrend and showed her the fabric. Skivrend studied the make of it, the care, the features. She felt her daughter’s power within the cloth and was pleased. She let Mixaq go about her plan and they laughed in the darkness.

Roitaven could not hear their laughter for he stomped and crushed and burned through the world. The sound of his works overshadowed the dark eternal laugh of Skivrend as he shot a gaseous anomaly across the expanse of the galaxy. He watched the light soar into the distance where it struck a large planet and exploded in a shower of fire and light. Roitaven bellowed with laughter until he noticed the small goddess approach. Mixaq appeared before Roitaven with a quaint and harmless visage and Roitaven knew not who she was.

“Who are you that approaches the harbinger of light and fire, The Lord of energy, The pinnacle of Power!” His voice shook all of creation.

Mixaq spoke in a quiet voice that made her seem so small and insignificant. In her hands was the brilliant scarf she had made.

“I know you my lord, and I fear you my lord” she said “But I had to speak with you.”

Roitaven bellowed with laughter once more, but stopped when he realized he hadn’t blown anything up recently. He grasped a huge slab of nullium that was floating by, his hands blazed with heat reducing the metal into a ball of cascading energy. He fueled it until it broiled red and bright and at the height he smashed it over Mixaq’s head and into the distance where the star exploded more brilliantly than anything save for the Opilan star. “HA HA!!” laughed Roitaven. “Is there anything more spectacular than to see things explode? I doubt there is anything greater.”

“Yes my lord.” Said Mixaq “Truly your works are spectacular. Beyond the power of my words.”

Filled with pride Roitaven began to stomp and show his force smashing and burning any bit of matter around him. Mixaq artfully dodged as starlight and molten material sprayed all around and streaked the sky with fireworks of light. He did this while singing a gleeful little song.

“ From plane to plane all that I see,
I smash and dash into smithereens!
Make them tiny make them burn!
And spurn spurn spurn the darkness !!”

Mixaq rolled her eyes.

When Roitaven turned to her she was laughing and clapping with joy in an instant.

“That is quite amazing my lord.” She said, “you inspired me so, that I made you this scarf.”

For the first time, Roitaven saw the brilliant fabric in her hands. He looked into the swirling fabric as nebula and orbs danced across it. Mixaq held it closer to Roitaven. His fiery eyes glazed over and he was still.

“Feel the fabric my lord.” Mixaq’s voice was as quiet as a whisper, but it was melodic like a song that beckoned Roitaven to reach out a hand to it. The god lifted the fabric and gazed into it, his crown of fire cooled into a blue light. “Put the scarf around you.” Mixaq sang. “Let it wrap you in it’s splendor.”

Slowly Roitaven coiled the scarf around his neck.

“Yes. Good.” said Mixaq. Quiet, and slow, she moved away, her eyes became dark. A light shown through her fingers.

Roitaven was in a daze, playing with the gossamer fabric and chuckling to himself.

“This is wonderful little one? What is-”

The fabric of the scarf became alive with movement. The god tried to cry out but his mouth was muffled. His nose and eyes were enveloped by the scarf but before his sight was taken he saw Mixaq, the light in her hands, shining under her cheshire smile and black eyes.

Suddenly the Roitaven was alone.

“What is happening!!” He cried into the darkness, but his words had no sound, it was as if they were sucked away as he spoke them.

Time stretched unnaturally long. The empty darkness seemed to last a lonely age before a being appeared from the ether. A smile appeared, and a voice boomed around him from all sides.

“Do you see how fleeting your works are?” the sound suffocated Roitaven “Fire may warm, and light may drive the darkness away, but it is only for a time. One day it will falter, you will burn out. But the darkness, the void, the patient.”

Roitaven then knew true fear as a shiver ran over him in icy nakedness. He shook as the dual laughter of Mixaq and Skivrend filled the darkness and bore into him. Roitaven desperately tried to use his power, but saw his hands do nothing. Her cried, he thrashed, he pleaded.

“I will burn forever, I am stronger than eternity!”

“You cannot defy what truth you know deep down.”

“No, no, no!”

Outside the illusionary world of the scarf, gouts of fire streamed through space from Roitaven’s thrashing. Skivrend had joined Mixaq and the two were nearby, watching the god writhe in fear.

“Soon, my daughter, he will bear the weight of the truth you have shown him, and he will be our ally.”

Yet at that moment, reeling from the fear and putting all his power into defying the illusion, Roitaven unleashed one burst, all the energy he had. Skivrend’s eyes went wide as a huge blast of fire and pure divine energy shot through her. Mixaq saw her mother fall and rushed to the side. She forgot her power and the scarf tore apart in the flames of Roitaven’s head and shoulders. Seeing the light of the stars he cried out. Spent of power, he fled back to the opilan star. Mixaq carried the wounded Skivrend back to her realm of darkness and there they diminished and nursed their wounds.

So it is said.

By Jason Pratley

Jason Pratley joined the team sometime in 2013 when he created the concepts for the gods of ODR. He has since become the Writing Director and de facto loremaster for DDG. Check out some other stories and content at and