The Creation of Mixaq

Light and Dark, Roitaven and Skivrend, the two base elements of the universe, more essential than atoms or time. Everything that is observed or unobserved is inescapably defined by the struggle between these opposing forces. It came to pass after their meeting when the dark Goddess Skivrend fled from the light.

The fear and prospect of becoming diluted compelled Her. The sensation began as stirrings in Her hand where the two deities had touched. She pushed the disgusting light deeper; hidden, to be forgotten. Skivrend had hoped to ignore the sensation entirely. But She knew the truth; no amount of repression or aversion could save Her. She would never be free of the light. Its brightness hurt Her eyes, it grew within Her form, it gnawed at Her mind. She fled farther and farther to the edge of existence as her own shimmering black flesh erupted with radiance.

The infection of Roitaven festered and pushed violently against Her form. Her God-flesh stretched, bloated, and blistered. The horrified Skivrend struggled to stave off the growing light for an age. Her will pitted against this foreign entity. Anguished and alone in the Dark, her will prevailed. The Light inside of Skivrend withered to an ember.

Skivrend cried out into the barren edge of space, where nothing and no one could hear. Her only drive was to be rid of this foreign entity. She was imprisoned, by the being inside Her, in an internal cage of hypnotic pain and surreal creation. A vengeful thought came to Her mind, and the unrelenting Skivrend focused and drew unfathomable strength from the void to purge the intruder.

Her form shifted, existence twisted. Her goddess womb entombed the corruption in a shell. Tendrils of obsidian and negative void borne from Skiverend’s darkness coalesced into the heart of the burning jewel that resisted valiantly, but to no avail. Captured and broken, the remnant of Roitaven surrendered to Skivrend’s poisonous will; a corrupted mass replaced its once lustrous form. Nurtured by the Void, the corrupted fragment grew and was birthed into a God-being. Skivrend had created Dark from Light; proof that Void could prevail over Roitaven.

Skivrend beheld what Her efforts had borne; a being, a goddess, part light, part darkness. A shimmering beautiful illusion that rivaled the capacity of creation. The Mother void embraced Her daughter. And Her daughter spread a toothy grin that showed all Her cleverness, Her potential, Her mystery, and the connection to all life and creation. Skivrend named Her daughter Mixaq. She festooned Mixaq in a dark cloak, and it was then that Skivrend began to groom Her.

Skivrend trained Mixaq’s mind in the weapons of secrecy, misdirection, and intrigue.Designed to outwit Her enemies and attack from the Shadow. In the Light, where Skivrend had little power, Mixaq would always be present, gathering knowledge and patiently waiting as ambassador to all secrets and hidden places beyond clarity.

So it is said.

By Jason Pratley

Jason Pratley joined the team sometime in 2013 when he created the concepts for the gods of ODR. He has since become the Writing Director and de facto loremaster for DDG. Check out some other stories and content at and