Myths and Legends from the tomes of the gods. From the creation of the Galaxy to the stories of their heroics and misdeeds. Follow along as the galactic pantheon reveals itself and the gods are shown for who they are.

The Birth of the Universe

All was not always as you see it now. I was there in the beginning and I do not know if I will endure to the end, though I deem it likely. This story is not about me.

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The Creation of Mixaq

Light and Dark, Roitaven and Skivrend, the two base elements of the universe, more essential than atoms or time. Everything that is observed or unobserved is inescapably defined by the struggle between these opposing forces. It came to pass after their meeting when the dark Goddess Skivrend fled from the light.

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The Illusion of Mixaq

Corrupted by the darkness of Skivrend, Roitaven became chaotic. Stars and vapors of vibrant nebula pooled and exploded wherever he went. He was bathed in light and the thrill of expending his energy, yet it was with malice in search for the goddess that eluded him.

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The Whispering Night

Blind. Numb. Betrayed. Alone. Roitaven, poisoned by contact with Skivrend’s darkness and injured by Mixaq’s illusions flailed chaotically through space and time. A cacophony of incoherent voices shattered through His mind that fed His raging madness.

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The Tears of Mixaq

And it was after the illusion of Mixaq that Skivrend had been dealt a mighty blow by Roitaven’s hand. The two Goddesses, one of Illusion the other of Void, fled to the depths of the world to the dark gate: The Passage to the Void.

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The Enticement of Foolnool

Mixaq sized up the being that stood on a set of spidery metal legs before her.

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The Passage to the Dark Realm

Mixaq lead Foolnool away from the planet of black sands. The lights of fire and rage were no longer sending auroras through the cosmos and it seemed that Roitaven’s anger was dormant for the moment. Still, Mixaq did not trust her fate to the God of Light’s whims.

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Skivrend's Whim

And so Mixaq knocked upon the great door to the dark palace. There was no answer. She and Foolnool waited a long time and she knocked again and still there was no answer. Mixaq was disheartened by this. Would she not reach salvation? Would her mother leave her to the cold, destined to be left to her fate without even a word of her plan spoken?

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The Alliance of the Dark Court

Excerpt from the Ancient Texts:

Across the void of space was met,
Three young gods with fate to set,
Beyond the pale, Passage of Void.
Mixaq, Skivrend, and Foolnool alloyed

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Passage 20: The Knoits

Excerpt from the Ancient Texts:

In chambers deep within the dark palace,
The court began their works in avarice,
I tell you now of their hideous result,
The effects wrought forth shadow and tumult,
To all beams of light that some held dear,
I tell you now what was spawned here.

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Roitaven's Awakening

Ere the scourge flew from the Passage of the Void. Wrought in the Dark Court, and so named the Knoits, their campaign began by blotting out the stars, their dark masses covering the primordial planets. All of the galaxy was broken to their will and the void spread until they appeared before Opilan where Roitaven waited and slept from his burdens.

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Following the expulsion of the source of all his madness and driving off the Knoits for a time, Roitaven achieved a fleeting moment of clarity. He understood that his being was still corrupted by fragments of darkness. The powers of the dark goddesses Mixaq and Skivrend combined were too great and vexing for him to defeat alone.

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Grival's Reprieve

With eight eyes he saw. With four mouths he laughed and wept and shouted and pleaded. He was not alone within himself. Grival wandered the dark nebulas, the spite of Roitaven still writhing in his shared minds. They were once a part of him, yet they could never be him.

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