Ketta Terace: Chapter 5

Through the biting black swarm she could not make out the source of the yellow-green light that emanated before her clouding vision. She was not sure of anything at this point except that these things would suck her dry if she remained under their control, and that the yellow-green light radiated the only thing close to hope amid the seething voices of death. With all her remaining strength she pushed her muscles through the bumbling black leeches that stuck or skittered about her skin. Her movements and will were heavy, but both began to gain momentum through the weight of the creatures bodies and psychic interference. She pushed up with her hand, gained a knee, then pulled herself up and began lazily stripping them off and knocking them aside with lethargic persistence.

Still, they drove after her, those knocked off recoiled back into slight waves that jumped back to their bloodmeal. They latched onto her legs and arms, he neck and wrists wrapping their ten furry legs around the extremities like parasitic bracelets while those on her back or stomach held on with nothing save the suction of circular spiked mouths in her flesh. Many were still knocked off or failed in their attempts if not due to her own efforts to remove them then simply by the volume of the beasts who had found purchase on the prisoner. Despite their tenacity, she moved through them. There were no more of her own thoughts left, only the voices of the hatchlings. It was if all of her own mind had dried away and only the thoughts placed there resounded in whispering and soothing tones.

“Where are you going? Not that way, lie down, we are feeding, let it go, just let go of yourself, it will be over soon.”

No thoughts of her own left, only action. Somehow, she could not relent to the overwhelming urges. The light beyond her antagonists showed in flits and peeks of blinding radiance, growing brighter as she approached. The leeches grew in intensity about her the farther she managed to move. Through the gaps made by her languid hand motions to knock them away, she could see that the light was a curved, radiating spire atop a mound of stones, just down one of the intersection paths. It was quite close now. How had she not seen it before?

Her feet slid and scraped over the stone, trampling and nudging aside those parasites that were caught underfoot. The closer she pressed, the more the voices called and tried to drive her down from within.


Their thoughts in her mind were now just pleading, betraying their weakness and giving what was left of the prisoner the path that she needed to take. She let out a bellow, ripped one of the creatures from her forehead and steadily rose in momentum through her skittering sarcophagus of sucking bodies. Those not actively attached to her were no longer even trying to bite her anymore. They simply gathered and leapt against her pushing against her body and crowding her view of the luminescent vision before her.

Their little voices were wailing and pleading, their desperation only made her drive on harder as she clambered up to the mound and the light that beckoned her up the rocks. As she gripped the top of the first stone, the creatures scrambled up her arm and bit at her fingers. Yet, she was beyond pain now and only dug her bloody fingers into the the next purchase. One rock at a time they weighed harder on her, the swarm latching and pricking anything that they could afford. Their voices nothing but a din of cries and noise.

She climbed. A misplaced foot, a slip of the hand and a pain, a tired so deep under the swarm. Through it all she moved and climbed and stumbled until she reached the top of the mound and beheld the beauty of the light. She grasped at it, taking hold of cool sharp metal. She sliced open her good hand. Through that movement, she reached what she sought. In the next moment there was a burst of energy that erupted through her. A sphere of radiance formed around her and in its coming the swarm was flung back and those attached to her were immolated into black flecks of ash, purged from her body.

The sky shattered in electricity as she looked towards the bright yellow green blade of the sword that had cut her hand. Her arm filled with a beautiful numb sensation that coursed over her into bliss. Green-yellow light began to show through her skin, coursing up through the veins in her arm.

Her mind was at last clear again.

“So this is what it’s like.”

She let out a breath.

The light danced across her eyes.

By Jason Pratley

Jason Pratley joined the team sometime in 2013 when he created the concepts for the gods of ODR. He has since become the Writing Director and de facto loremaster for DDG. Check out some other stories and content at and