A human prisoner sentenced by the Skivri Empire must survive on the dark, rainy, and confusing world of Ketta Terace. Follow along as our mysterious protagonist combats the elements and is forced to fight the stalking and lumbering monsters who share this world.

Ketta Terace: Chapter 1

“Your crimes against the Skivri Empire cannot go unpunished. You will be transferred to the planetary prison of Ketta Terace. May the Goddess of Darkness show you clarity in the void.”

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Ketta Terace: Chapter 2

The prisoner moved quickly to her right into the darkness, away from the floodlights of the landing pad. Her bare feet thwapped against the mud, but the noise could not overcome the sound of the impacting rain.

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Ketta Terace: Chapter 3

The Prisoner writhed in the mud. The Bolmorrean plummeted towards her. Four fists impacted the ground, followed by the massive weight of the zombified being crashing into the earth in a wave of mud and clumps of grass.

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Ketta Terace: Chapter 4

The Prisoner clutched her wounded arm against her chest as she moved between the walls of the gorge. The black stone to either side towered toward the dark sky as if into eternity and nothingness.

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Ketta Terace: Chapter 5

Through the biting black swarm she could not make out the source of the yellow-green light that emanated before her clouding vision. She was not sure of anything at this point except that these things would suck her dry if she remained under their control, and that the yellow-green light radiated the only thing close to hope amid the seething voices of death.

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Ketta Terace: Chapter 6

It was then that the prisoner, exiled to a dark and strange planet in the far reaches of known space, far from her own lands and beyond sight or perception of any record-keeping race, was torn then from her mortal body as she clutched the blade of the mystic sword.

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Ketta Terace: Chapter 7

She stood under the slim shimmering dragon on the precipice of this cliff. A gust of wind sent strands of her hair to catch in her mouth and she was sent into a spitting fit, trying to remove the tickling tendrils.

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Ketta Terace: Chapter 8

She felt as though all of her body had been sucked through a tube the size of a pinhole. She awoke finding the aches and pains of a poor night’s sleep, but not the trauma or the throbbing of her wounds as she remembered them.

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Ketta Terace: Chapter 9

“A Cracker-Tang! What the heck is that?” Amylia asked Failbe.

It’s called a Krack-tang! I’m not even speaking out loud, that was your own brain refusing to comprehend!

Amylia frowned at the handle of the sword.

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Ketta Terace: Chapter 10

She fell.

The untold stories back down towards the abyss of darkness between the plateaus, her living hand white-knuckled and the magic amalgamation of her right hand clutching the demon sword as she sped to the depths.

“Well this is great.” came the voice of Failbe to her mind.

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Ketta Terace: Chapter 11

The world was a swirling vortex of fluid forces. Amylia was hoping that this would be it and there wouldn’t be much pain, but her resignation was hidden behind a wall of sheer panic and disorientation.

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Ketta Terace: Chapter 12

Failbe’s voice stole once more into her mind:

Imprisoned on Ketta Terace, driven to me by Psyrocks, bumbling into a Kracktang, and now digested by a Great Hydreel. When you fall, you really fall hard, don’t you? You’re a real lucky champion for a guy to have on his side.

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Ketta Terace: Chapter 13

The sky panned above like a dark continent of rolling clouds, but the rain had stopped for now. Amylia stood on the beach. What remained of her coat was in tatters, patches of blood on her prisoner garb mingled with glowing green energy that radiated from deeper wounds.

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Ketta Terace: Chapter 14

Some held blaster pistols, crude ones like the one that had blown Amylia’s hand off, but most of them held spears or simple weapons. Amylia and the blind Skivri, Ben, held their hands up.

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