Knox Pashaa: Chapter 11

Riza was dead before his body hit the ground.

All Knox could see was a leg and Riza’s scaly tail from behind the desk where he fell. Riza was perhaps the only person on the station who knew him well. He was the only one left who could have protected him. Now he was a corpse and the assassin was still at the door.

Knox had reflexively jumped back onto the chair. His back was against the wall and his feet dug into the soft cushion. He was biting his fist as hard as he could to keep from making any noise. His eyes were trained on the alcove where the shots had originated. He was frozen, petrified as the killer moved within the room. The warm interior lights of the gambling room left the shadow of a weapon on the wall. Entering, it was followed by the shadow of an arm and a small figure stepping into the office. The figure quickly passed the corner where Knox was pressed against the wall and moved over to the corpse.

In all his life, Knox was never a fighter, he had no instinct when it came to fighting. But as every fiber of his being shook under his skin, his hairs standing on end, he knew that he was currently being given the only chance he would have of escaping this alive. Yet still, his body wouldn't move. His eyes glanced from the Fubari to the pistol Riza had placed on the desk moments before his demise. The two were right next to each other. He had no way of getting to the pistol without the Fubari seeing him. But then the Fubari holstered his weapon and moved behind the desk as if looking for something on Riza’s body. The smoke from the billboard was now just a red haze clouding the windows.

Slowly, perhaps the most quietly he had ever moved, Knox stepped down from the chair. The Fubari mumbling to himself and the sound of fabric rustling behind the desk accompanied Knox’s pounding heart and his stifled breaths as he touched the floor. His salvation was sitting on the table, but he had to cross the room towards the killer. How could he make it there without the assassin seeing him?

With a snap of strength aided by adrenaline, Knox lifted the chair and in one motion ran with its weight towards the assailant.


With all his might he hefted the chair over his head. The assassin reacted by turning to the sudden noise. He looked just in time to see Knox’s wide and crazed red eyes, his puffed fur and murderous intent before the chair crashed into him. The Fubari took it all to the head and was thrashed to the floor under its weight while the chair bounced off him and into the glass window, shattering it.

Smoke poured into the room from the billboard fog outside. Knox ran to the desk and into the smoke, scrambling with his clumsy hands for the gun on the table and then held it, shaking at where he thought the Fubari was. He coughed through the smoke and squinted to see the assassin if he was moving. He heard a groan as he quickly circled around the table. The Fubari’s groans soon faded and the small creature went limp.

Knox was sent into another coughing fit and made for the door before he heard more voices beyond.

“Deska! What happened!”

“There’s smoke!”

The sounds of footsteps approached.

He could make out silhouettes in the light of the next room. Knox shot at them with cracking orange bolts of energy. There was a moment of silence. Knox lowered his gun and a moment later yellow darts of light thwacked back towards him. They impacted the far wall and one slammed into another window blasting it apart and only adding to the growing smokescreen that filled the room.

Knox shuffled away as best as he could, firing back without any idea what he was shooting at in the obscuring cloud. There was no telling where the next deadly bolt would come from as energy pounded in all directions. Footsteps. More blasts from within the room at various angles lit the smoke up. Knox fired back, trying to find a place of cover. He knocked into something and then tripped over something and fell to the floor, bashing his tooth on another hard something. His tooth had just been chipped.

“I heard him on that side!”

“What side?”

“Look where I’m shooting!”

“I think he went down.”

Two bolts zipped above him. He felt splinters of desk shower over him. Coughing from the fumes in his lungs, he found a moment of clean air. He looked up to see that the floor had a layer unobscured by the smoke. From beneath the desk, he saw the sets of feet, moving towards him through the office. Another bolt fired and hit the desk above him. Knox leveled his pistol and fired at the nearest one’s feet. He shot twice, orange light thrumming across the floor. The first one was off his mark, but the second one passed straight through the assassin’s ankle.

The Fubari cried out in pain before hitting the ground. Knox shot again when he saw his body hit the floor and the bolt tore through the mass. The screaming stopped.


The feet of the other one’s movements became erratic, concerned over what had happened to his partner. Knox shot wildly at the feet. Each shot missing as the Fubari blindly shuffled out of the path of each shot.

“WHAT THE HELL!” The assassin yelled and shot back. The desk was hit several more times, one passed through and Knox felt something pull at his shoulder. Knox paused and angled his weapon before firing once more up through the cloud. The bolt hit something and the Fubari cried out before falling to the floor. Knox pulled the trigger again, but nothing happened save for a fizzle of orange energy.

WiId-eyed Knox dropped the weapon and looked around him. He had tripped over the body of the assassin and was laying on top of Riza’s corpse.

“Gahh!” he cried and scrambled up, hit his head on the desk, and groaning he raced away through the smoke past the cries of the Fubari assassin and stumbled out of the office.

By Jason Pratley

Jason Pratley joined the team sometime in 2013 when he created the concepts for the gods of ODR. He has since become the Writing Director and de facto loremaster for DDG. Check out some other stories and content at and