Knox Pashaa: Chapter 6

“Not more Fubari!” said the Human.

Knox glared back. “I’m sure you are each aware of Fubari Brandy. How much the original bottles might be worth? Imagine how much the original recipe might be worth.”

A lingering silence filled the room as each made their own calculations.

Knox didn’t let them think for too long. “It’s a lot, enough to found a kingdom, enough to ride on until age and time does away with us.”

“So do you have a plan, or is this just more verbal garbage?” Said Shaina.

“Of course I do! We find the census data, get to the heir, and come out with the exclusive interview...and maybe a few notes on the most expensive luxury beverage in all the realms of gods and beings.”

“You’re struck.” said the Human, “We’re not gonna waste any more time or resources on another chance for you to gloryhound over us.”

“Yeah!” said the Stetti.

“Guys, I’ll take responsibility for my actions, I owe ya, and this story might just be the way I pay you all back, cuz...I can’t do it alone and it can't be done from the comfort of this station. If this thing turns out the way that I know you can all imagine, we won’t just get an upgrade in living quarters. We will be filthy stinking rich. The only thing will still need me to pull it off.”

The Human and Mirrani pressing over Knox relented and exchanged glances.

“There’s still no way we could know he actually has the recipe.” Said Saina “Generations have died off, ages gone by and no one has ever been able to find any trace of the original Fubari Brandy recipe in data files or physical notes.”

“Actually…” The voice came from the Stettiwhose beak was almost pressed to the data tablet screen. “There have been several brandy recipes that have survived over the years, the most widespread and produced are considered nothing more than cheap imitations by Vintners’ standards. One or two promising files were found incomplete, and though thousands have tried to reproduce the effects, flavor, and quality of the original, none have been able to get it exactly right. It’s known as the fabled ‘X’ ingredient, something that alchemists, priests, scientists, and archeologists have devoted their entire lives to putting together. All failed. The cases of the most promising collections of a true recipe were found incomplete or corrupted by dead-man triggered viruses, any possible physical notes were destroyed en-transit to networked planets.”

The Stetti looked up from her tablet to find herself the center of attention. She shrugged and brushed her feathers out of her face. “There have been traces.”

“That’s not really the point Sky.” Said the Human. He turned back to Knox. “Our quarterly budget was spent on you and your ridiculous spy equipment, not to mention covering up your mistakes. AND not mentioning that we don’t know what planet it is, whether the story is credible in the least, and whether it will be worth going in at all. Just cuz you saw it on a broadcast? That means nothing!”

“The screens pick up broadcasts from all over the galaxy, we’re supposed to use them to find leads...right?” said Sky.

The Human’s rising wrath was now directed at the meek Stetti.

“Then, EVERY gods-damned vintner, wine merchant, and lunatic enthusiast is gonna be jumping on this, looking for the same guy that we are! There are gonna be armadas after this guy!”

Shaina had been contemplating until this point and spoke before Knox could.

“Which of the screens was it on Knox?”

“One of the smaller ones, public channel, F-SPAN I think.”

“Then it’s quite possible that the story could be buried under pop traffic for a few days before the big sites pick up on the story.” Shaina looked up “Precious moments is right.”

By Jason Pratley

Jason Pratley joined the team sometime in 2013 when he created the concepts for the gods of ODR. He has since become the Writing Director and de facto loremaster for DDG. Check out some other stories and content at and