Knox Pashaa: Chapter 1

“Hey! How you all doing out there on Station One! This is Dorbax Nill at channel 17 THE PULSE giving all you Galactic Times reporters a jump start on the first cycle. We’ve been having some reports from maintenance that the climate control has been acting up, so for anyone with dwellings near the Omnithruster rooms, you could be in for a hot one all the way from level 9 to 171. Remember that complementary water stations are for emergency use only.

Galactic Times stock has been steadily rising as of late thanks to the recent Kurtz Hodskin interview with with the Bolmorrean Warchief on his plans to expand further into the Mirrani sector. All I can say to you general: good luck with the black nebulas!”

The little radio sat on a small fold-out end table. The purple button on its interface began as the only light in the living space, but as Dorbax rattled on about whether the B tower turbolifts would be repaired by the second cycle, the room began to illuminate with a pale blue light from the ceiling and floor. The utilitarian apartment’s off-white walls, accented by rounded plastic features, would have been in style about 70 years ago. Still, it had all the amenities one could need on a space station, a bed, a desk, an end table with radio, and an adjoining bathroom.

As a calm blue light rose in the room, the sheets on the tub-shaped bed began to rustle . A pair of white feline ears appeared, followed by a matching face with two red eyes that lazily opened to the confined space. The Mirrani stared up into the blank features of the ceiling as the radio voice continued. The Mirrani groaned as the rapid sounds from his end table were overtaken by a sweet female voice that filled the entirety of the room.

“Good morning Pashaa Knox; REMINDER; you are expected at 0600 hours first cycle for a meeting with the correspondence team. The editor has also notified me that the deadline for your report on the Trade Union’s Bureaucratic system is nearly a week late. If this cannot be reconciled you will be downgraded to a level ONE apartment on level NINE.”

Knox Pashaa groaned again.

There was a sudden chirping from the desk nearby. He glanced over to a slim tablet. From his angle he could not view the screen properly, but flits of motion and light could be seen moving across the surface. Then a new voice entered the room.

“Damnit Knox, I’m going out of my way for you on this, I have a family, the least you can do is get your lazy ass out of bed!”

Knox pried himself up, throwing the sheets off and stretching out his shoulders and arms. He looked over to the Tablet where the face of a scrawny Pyra looked blankly up at him.

“Hello! Knox! Can’t you get back to me!”
Knox pulled himself up and cracked his back as he crossed the white carpeted floor towards the bathroom. He waved at the tablet.

“Good you’re up now Listen-“

“Meet me at the Taka Club on level 34 in four hours.” Said Knox, barely looking in the direction of the Pyra. He made a halfhearted hand motion again and the tablet went dark. The distraught Pyra disappeared.

There were a few moments of peace while Knox took a piss. Then a new kind of chirping filled the room. A screen appeared in front of him, projected onto the back of the toilet.
“Call from Mah”
“text response?”
“Text response; I’m busy.”
Knox turned to the mirror and looked at himself as he washed his hands. He almost blended in with the white room. If he wanted to get away with anything illegal, the camera in the room probably wouldn’t even be able to tell where he was. Albino features on a Mirrani were already perhaps on a list of the five “most rare” things in the galaxy, no one could tell you the other four because no one had seen them. His genetics had followed him his entire life, even his parents treated him like a freak. In the central sector, at least there were enough freaks to go around. Here he was just another person, that didn’t mean that every time he looked in the mirror he didn’t just see albino features.

He let out a long breath and wished he could just stop thinking about it. He looked into his red eyes and said to himself in the mirror.
“You are the best. You are confident. You are enthusiastic, nothing can stop you.”
Then he leaned in close to the mirror. The white fur on his forehead began to twitch. The flesh began to move and part. The opening revealed a solitary black eye, like an opal of pure darkness set into the pure white fur. He repeated his mantra and stared directly into the black eye as an energy overtook him.

“You are the best. You are confident. You are enthusiastic, nothing can stop you.”

By Jason Pratley

Jason Pratley joined the team sometime in 2013 when he created the concepts for the gods of ODR. He has since become the Writing Director and de facto loremaster for DDG. Check out some other stories and content at and