An albino Mirrani working as a reporter for the Opilan Galactic Times goes on an assignment that he will always remember. Or will he? Follow Knox Pasha as he is put at odds with a difficult universe and ends up on a strange and desperate world.

Knox Pashaa: Chapter 1

“Hey! How you all doing out there on Station One! This is Dorbax Nill at channel 17 THE PULSE giving all you Galactic Times reporters a jump start on the first cycle. We’ve been having some reports from maintenance that the climate control has been acting up, so for anyone with dwellings near the Omnithruster rooms, you could be in for a hot one all the way from level 9 to 171. Remember that complementary water stations are for emergency use only.

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Knox Pashaa: Chapter 2

Dorbax Nill did not lie. The hallways and corridors to the lift Atrium were humid from the malfunctioning climate controls. Still, while almost everyone else on the station seemed to be wearing slim pastel colored clothes with cut offs and thin material, one albino Mirrani strolled to the lifts wearing a full suit of burgundy with thin purple pinstripes, an orange patterned vest, and a high white collared shirt with a blue and yellow neckpiece tucked under his white face, pink nose, and calm red eyes.

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Knox Pashaa: Chapter 3

Knox approached. “What can I say? I’m a slow typer.”

“You can say: ‘here you go sir, won’t happen again sir.’ You know I decide what level of housing you have? I could send you to a griv-damned broom closet next to the sewage collectors if I wanted.”

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Knox Pashaa: Chapter 4

Knox entered the turbo lifts once again and exited into the menagerie of color and light that was the sector G Correspondence Wing Atrium.

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Knox Pashaa: Chapter 5

The back wall of the cubicle office was a large window that overlooked a transit section of the station. Long lines of magnetic rails hummed quietly under blue lights behind reinforced glass. A train silently passed when Knox reached the threshold of the room. He was met by the targeted glances of three individuals.

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Knox Pashaa: Chapter 6

“Not more Fubari!” said the Human.

Knox glared back. “I’m sure you are each aware of Fubari Brandy. How much the original bottles might be worth? Imagine how much the original recipe might be worth.”

A lingering silence filled the room as each made their own calculations.

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Knox Pashaa: Chapter 7

“You can’t seriously wanna give Knox another chance, Shaina,” said the Human.

The black Mirrani’s ear twitched and she gazed to the middle distance.

“I would stress the importance of due diligence. We need to know if this lead is even possible to follow up at all...if it aired on F-SPAN today, there might not be too many heads on this already.”

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Knox Pashaa: Chapter 8

Knox wound his way through the synthetic haze back towards his modest apartment. He was too inebriated now to care about his problems, probably more than was for his own good. The hallways in this sector were dark now.

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Knox Pashaa: Chapter 9

A dingy rectangle of green light appeared above the turbolift doors as the lift came to a pleasant stop. Knox stood within, his self-hypnosis from earlier kept his nerves and his hangover in check, a problem for a later time.

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Knox Pashaa: Chapter 10

Knox’s eyebrow shot up. “What do you mean?”

Riza slowly walked over to his desk and picked up a long, thin cigar from a holder.

“They’re out for blood Knox. You went too deep into how they run things. You insulted them...and we helped you do it.”

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Knox Pashaa: Chapter 11

Riza was dead before his body hit the ground.

All Knox could see was a leg and Riza’s scaly tail from behind the desk where he fell. Riza was perhaps the only person on the station who knew him well. He was the only one left who could have protected him. Now he was a corpse and the assassin was still at the door.

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Knox Pashaa: Chapter 12

Knox’s lungs hurt as he exited the smoky office into the gambling parlor. The large Bolmorrean who stood guard was against the wall and covered with blood from multiple wounds. The sparse clientele also lay dead around the gambling tables. The bartender was across the bar, gun still clutched in his lifeless hand and blood dripping down onto the red carpet floor.

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Knox Pashaa: Chapter 13

The Ventoshi leveled his rifle down at Knox. He was trapped now, between true death and the closed metal door. There was no path left. No escape.

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Knox Pashaa: Chapter 14

The assassins could no longer be heard. Knox breathed heavily on the metal platform of the bridge. Those knives had been in his face, ready to pluck out his eyes. He knew he was good, but not that good. Somehow he had managed to influence Veen’s mind and plant his own thoughts into the killer.

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Knox Pashaa: Chapter 15

There was only one place left for him to go, and there was no guarantee it would help. There was nothing he could hope for but to get off the station any way he could. Dressed in an unassuming way he passed the people with no more odd looks than was normal for a pink-furred Mirrani.

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