Deadly Demon Games

Who is Deadly Demon Games

Deadly Demon Games is a small company with five members. The company was born from the passion project which became our premiere game: Opilan Destiny Rising. The Deadly Demon Company endeavors to create new and novel games that we as creators want to play and see made. We are always seeking to bring new and unique projects to completion and make them available to the gaming public and, of course, to appease the curse of the Deadly Demon.

Beyond making new products that are unique and fun, we also create stories and content that center around our games or the gaming community with podcasts and articles that focus primarily on Game Development and Design with a dose of humor and tangents thrown in.

Our aspirations are on expanding what we have. Currently, we are developing several board games while continuing to develop the ODR role-playing experience with expansions and supplemental adventures. As this is a young company we are always looking for input and artistic contributions to what we do, feel free to email us at or message us on social media. Look for future games, podcast episodes, and more in the future.