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Blackwagon 3 The Boss

Blackwagon: Part 3

He was about to pass the kitchen when movement caught his eye. Dancing shadows in the flickering lights inside the room accompanied by the sudden clatter of metal pans.

Vaan awoke to the sting of fluorescent lighting and the metallic clang of cooking pans banging together.

He bolted up from his covers to see a large bipedal reptile that could only be their pyra team leader, Wan’za. The reptilian head of the being was gnarled and a scar ran down the side of its face. The pyra had a large stride and its tail swished between two guards that flanked her banging and clattering kitchenware together.

“Rise and shine team!” cried the Pyra. “We have a contract today. Should be shoving off in two hours so get yourselves prepped.” The pyra jabbed a clawed finger at Vaan.”New guy! You’re looking much better. Clean yourself up and meet me in my office at the end of the hall.” One of the guards tossed a uniform at Vaan.

Vaan blocked the uniform from hitting his head and looked it over. A plain grey/black jumpsuit with some sort of ornate alien lettering placed neatly above the left breast pocket. He got up and slipped it on finding it fit surprisingly well. Dog and Chit had pulled on their uniforms before Vaan had noticed and looked like they were preparing their gear. Chit had a number of exotic gadgets laid out on his cot and looked torn between which items he wanted to bring along. Dog, the massive bolmorrean, was mindlessly grasping and petting his stuffed animal in his right two hands while the left hands held long machete-like weapons. He held them level to his eye in order to check the edge. Abe did not appear to have a uniform. Instead, he took a cutout of the Blackwagon insignia, drooled on it a moment and then slapped it against the metal plate that covered the left portion of his thorax. It seemed to adhere well enough.

Chit noticed Vaan staring blankly around the room at everyone.

Chit called out to Vaan. “Don’t keep the boss waiting! That’s an easy way to get fired.”

“Can I go home if I’m fired?” asked Vaan.

“If you’re fired you can’t stay on the ship and they don’t wait until they’re at a station to escort you outside.”

Vaan sighed. “Yeah, it’s not like I’m a prisoner or anything.” He briskly turned to the door and made a left out into the hallway.

He heard Chit’s voice again. “It’s the other way!”

Vaan spun around the other way and walked to the end of the hall, letting himself into the office at the far end.

Wan’za was waiting for him. The big Pyra had a matching big desk and everything in the room seemed to dwarf Vaan.

“Take a seat…Vaan was it?”

“Yes sir” he spat meagerly.

“It’s Ma’am!” She bellowed “Wan’za is a female name!”

He apologized and obliged the open chair in the room while Wan’za stared daggers at him. Then with a blink her reptilian features slightly softened. She pressed her hands together.

“Welcome to my team Vaan. I wanted you to meet with me privately so we could ‘clear the air’. You know, answer any questions you might have and help you understand your place in all of this. It will be nice working with a human again, they always seem to surprise me.”

Vaan silently contemplated. “What is it about humans that surprise you?”

“The way they run into danger, the way their insides pop, sometimes they have clever ideas…”

“Oh…um Really? I wasn’t aware other humans made it out this far. My captain told us we were the first in this sector.” The chair, like everything else in the room, was made for a creature far larger than himself. He tried to sit comfortably but he swam in the spacious seat.

“I’m sure there are plenty of things your captain did not know. Humans are few and far between out here. Normally settlers or ambitious traders, but none of them last long on their own. The ship you were on was far more advanced and look what happened to that.”

” So why was The Ascendant attacked in the first place?”

“Your captain dropped your ship in the middle of a… disagreement between Blackwagon and one of our competitors. Our fleet commander thought you were with the enemy, the enemy thought you were with us, and well that’s how these things go sometimes. It stood up very well for a human made vessel. Looks like your race is starting to keep pace with the rest of the universe. You still have a long way to go, but you pass the threshold of intelligence that Blackwagon can’t be hired to exterminate you all.”

Vaan shifted in the huge seat.

Wan’za leaned back in her chair and took a calmer tone, trying to put Vaan at ease. “I’m not going to lie to you Vaan. The job of a front line exterminator is not the safest thing out there, but there is room for advancement regardless of race or creed. Everyone on staff is an asset. I myself have been leading teams for close to a decade and my next advancement depends on the success of this next mission. I’ve managed to call in a few favors to requisition higher quality tools for this one. It should make things manageable for your first run, but don’t get used to them, they are on loan, so don’t break anything.”

Vaan stared blankly at her. “Okay.”

Wan’za leaned forward and interlaced her massive red hands on the desk. “I understand this is not the card you expected to be dealt, but here we are. You need to understand the opportunity you have here. A position in a large and generous business with the chance to work in whatever field you want, provided you can prove yourself.” She leaned even closer, close enough for Vaan to smell the sulfur on her breath.

“You’ve been given an opportunity you cannot refuse. A second chance. Now, run along to the armory and get fitted with your squad.”

Vaan took a breath, but held back from speaking before he nodded and got up from the chair to leave.

Wan’za called after him. “And don’t you dare screw this up for me or I swear to Roitaven you will wish you had died on that ship.”

Wan’za smiled, satisfied with her level of individual employee care.

Story by: Justin Miller

With Jason Pratley & Tim Chopourian