The Account of the Questlords and The Deadly Demon

The Questlords delved deep into the catacombs beneath the dark caverns of an ancient temple. They sought riches and ancient secrets. They did not heed the archaic runes that flanked their path when they arrived at the main chamber and beheld the golden sarcophagus of a nameless ancient master. With haste, they dove to pry the rubies and sapphires from its surface and desecrated the hallowed chamber with their footsteps. To their dismay, the chamber door closed and bolted behind them, the torchlight was snuffed out, and the Questlords were left alone in the darkness. A ruddy pale light then emerged from the sarcophagus.

With a crash, the lid was launched across the chamber and the decayed body of the ancient master clattered in a dusty heap to the floor. Standing in its place arose a ghostly demon clad in sword and helm. He revealed himself to be an ancient master of games and made an ultimatum to the five questlords. So spoke the Demon, the Questlords would be bound to spend their mortal coil creating games, puzzles, and diversions for the amusement of the Deadly Demon in his boring afterlife. Several of the questlords refused, stalwart they only wished to return to town with their ill-gotten gains and prepared to fight! The Demon turned to those unfortunate souls with a smile and boiled the treasures in their packs before promptly draining them of essence. So it is said, so it is done, so it is boiled. After this, it was with no lack of swiftness that the surviving questlords set about the task of creating games to save their lives.

After a period of time in the dark chamber, the Deadly Demon became so amused by their games that he allowed the Questlords to leave the temple. Honed by their time in the cursed dungeon and still bound by the curse of the Deadly Demon, the five that remained ventured forth. Billy the Roguish Monk, Prat the Bardic Ranger, Milk the Fiery Cleric, Shoelace the Archmage, and Skullmaster the Barbarian Poet, reforged their company to make games available to the world…hopefully to recoup their funds lost as Questlords. They named this company after the Deadly Demon.